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Dhyan Kutir


In 2001, Mumbai Archdiocesan Synod felt the need to have an Ashram in the diocese of Mumbai. The SVD administration was approached for that purpose. A meeting was held at Gyan Ashram with Bishop Bosco Penha, the Superiors of Andheri communities and some experts from outside. The idea was accepted by the SVD administration.  Fr. Gregory Pinto, then Provincial negotiated the ashram idea with Fr. Ittoop Panikulam. As he accepted the proposal, he was transferred from Nemi to INM Province to begin an Ashram in Andheri Campus. With that view in mind, in 2006, Fr. Panikulam was appointed a member of the staff of Gyan Ashram and as the HOD of Ashram Spirituality. On 3 rd July, 2008 he was formally given permission to begin the ashram in the area that lies between the main building of Gyan Ashram and Soverdia house. On 13 March 2009 permission was given to begin the work of renovation of the existing kutir (the old dining hall - kitchen - storeroom) of Fr. Proksch time. The AISS administrator, Fr. Correa and Fr. Panikulam were entrusted with the work of renovation. The Archbishop of Mumbai, His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias gave his consent and approval for this ministry on 31 st July 2009.  Dhyan Kutir was inaugurated and blessed by His Eminence in the presence of Fr. Stanislaus Lazar SVD, the INM Provincial and a group of well wishers, in the midst of a creative prayer service followed by a fellowship meal on Friday November 6, 2009; the date that was changed from November 5 (the birth day of St. Arnold Janssen) to suit the convenience of the Archbishop. On January 15, 2010 on the feast day of St. Arnold Janssen Fr. Panikulam officially shifted his residence to Dyan Kutir.


Vision, mission and goals

Aware of the desire of Jesus, "may they all be one as we are one" (John 17:11), Dhyan Kutir envisages inter spiritual communion.

We aim at creating a home for seekers of spiritual life and faith, space for solitude and spiritual harmony for people of all religions and a place for contemplation, healing and integration through dialogue, meditative practices, retreats, personal accompaniment, guidance and counselling.


A humble attempt is made to sow the seeds of a spirituality that harmonises, unifies and helps build earth family consciousness with a belief that human beings are essentially similar at the core and that all beings are inherently spiritual and interconnected. We have begun to build a small spiritual traffic island where all true seekers of meaning and purpose of life are welcomed to experience God, self and life meditatively in an atmosphere of silence and contemplation.


  • Meditative sessions are being given in the evenings of Tuesdays and Thursdays for people of all religions. These meditations are designed to get rid of negative energies that accumulate in our bodies because of tensions, to experience mental and physical relaxation and to realise one’s own true self and God.
  • Opportunities are offered here to learn meditation and prayer.
  • Consultation and helps are given every Saturday for patients of asthma and allergies, through cure-yourself sessions.
  • Inter religious spiritual satsanghs for people of all religions to share insights from different faith-backgrounds done in an atmosphere of meditative silence.
  • Retreats and counselling helps are available for those who seek specific helps in psycho-spiritual areas.


Staff at Dhyan Kutir

Ittoop Panikulam (Director)



Dhyan Kutir

Mahakali Caves Road

Andheri East

Mumbai - 400093

Tel:     (022) 2835 6272 / 2832 5046

Email: [email protected]