SVD India Mumbai Province (INM)

UCDC, Bandra

The Urban Community Development Centre, Bandra, Mumbai, is a project of the Society of the Divine Word. It is a registered Public Trust and an NGO that has been at the service of the community since 1971. The educational programmes like adult literacy classes, which were started off right from the onset, still continue to uplift the illiterate of our society. The medical programmes are also conducted with the intention of reaching medical facilities which otherwise are not so easily available to the poor.


From time to time we conduct medical camps both at the centre and in the slums. We have a Legal Cell where legal advice is given to the poor and the underprivileged.  Three advocates volunteer their services at this cell. A senior citizens cell has started a year ago to help the aged whose problem is more of loneliness which is due to the nuclear family and children migrating. The whole set-up of UCDC consists of people who are genuinely concerned about the underprivileged in our society and who are interested in bringing about a positive change in their lives.


Staff at UCDC
Paul Vattathara (Director)
Jerome D’ Souza
Cosmos Ekka

Urban Community Development Centre,
104-B / 14 th  Road,
Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050
Tel : (022) 2600 6258
Fax : 2600 5674
Email : [email protected]
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