SVD India Mumbai Province (INM)

SVD Provincial House, Bandra

Fr. V. Zimmerman, the then Regional Superior, purchased a plot on 32 nd Road, opposite National College for the Society’s own house in 1948. It was an old two storyed building ( duplex). The south Indian Province was not created at that time and the building was purchased by and administration carried out under the aegis of Indore Catholic Mission. Later on this duplex was brought to ground inorder to build a multi-storyed building that would house many important offices including the office of the Provincial Superior. The South Indian Region was created on March 28, 1963, with Fr. E.Zeitler as its first Regional Superior. Initially the office of the Regional Superior was housed at Divine Word Seminary, Pune.


Later on under the able supervision of Fr. Hagenmeir, the first Mission Procurator of the South Indian Region, the duplex was demolished and the present four storeyed building was constructed. The completion of the building was in 1975.


Initially, the House also was the office cum residence of the Superior Delegate, National Mission Procurator, coordinator of the benefactors of the Society and a transit house for the SVD members from all over the world. The office of the Superior Delegate was shifted to Soverdia House, Andheri when it was constructed in 2002. The Mission Procurator’s office was shifted to Sadbhavana, New Delhi in 2000 and thus started the practice of having the office in the Province wherever the National Mission Procurator resides and belongs to.


Staff at SVD House
Richard Mathias (Provincial Superior)
Johney Vattamala (Rector)
Callisto Gomes
Cosmos Ekka
Infant Vinodh Kumar
Jerome D' Souza
Paul Vattathara

SVD Provincial House
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