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St. Arnold's School, Andheri

Saint Arnold Janssen, Founder of the Divine Word Society (Societas Verbi Divini), was a priest for the diocese of Munster in Germany. He was a teacher and taught Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He, specially, endeared himself to the prologue of the Gospel of St John Chap I verses 1-18 in the Holy Bible and used to pray and meditate on these verses. He was very much inspired by the 'Word of God' which became a human being full of grace and truth and lived among us in the person of Jesus Christ. He surrendered himself to the Word and called upon men and women of goodwill to place themselves in it's service.


Aims & Objective
The aims of this institution are to prepare the pupils for the SSC Examination and at the same time make them well disciplined, well-behaved and God-fearing citizens of India.


  • To develop the entire man: mind, heart and body.
  • To train the mind to analyse rather than to memorise so that the student may differentiate facts from falsehood.
  • To strengthen true will that he may have the courage to practise virtue and reject vice.
  • To cultivate the heart that he may develop love and concern for the poor.
  • To instill a strong sense of his own culture and to imbibe a strong civic sense.
  • To disdain mediocrity and develop leadership.
  • To rivet to the minds of youth, the truth that the solutions to the problems of class and creed are epitomized in the dictum. "Thou shouldt love the Lord Thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole mind and thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself".


Staff at St. Arnold’s High School, Andheri
Ittoop Panikulam (Manager)
Jossie Fernandes (Principal)
Antonysamy Joe Prabhu (Treasurer)

Mahakali caves road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400093
Tel: (022) 2825 2719
Tel : (022) 2839 6154 / 2831 4569
Email : [email protected]