SVD India Mumbai Province (INM)

Soverdia House, Andheri

Soverdia House is the youngest of the (present) five SVD communities in the spacious SVD Campus, on the Mahakali Caves Road, (Andheri East, Mumbai) – behind Sacred Heart Church and along the side of St Arnold’s School. The foundation stone for Soverdia House was laid on 5 th September 1999 by Very Rev. Fr. Henry Barlage SVD, the then Superior General of the Society of the Divine Word. Rev. Fr. Gregory Pinto SVD, then Provincial superior of India Mumbai Province, blessed and formally inaugurated the House three years later, on 8 th September 2002 - to be exact.


Soverdia is primarily a transit-house for the SVD missionaries abroad, as well as all the SVDs in transit through Mumbai, and so has necessarily the office of the Superior Delegate. It is also meant to be the house of the retirees of the SVD India-Mumbai Province. Right now there are only two retirees, though. It is also a house for the sick. So expatriate SVDs, as also members from all the four Indian provinces and one Region, who come to Mumbai for specialized medical treatment, rest and recuperation, find themselves at home in Soverdia.


Accordingly, Soverdia is homely and spacious, with some twenty rooms for double-occupancy, besides the dining and conference halls. This is in addition to the rooms and offices of the nine resident members. When these rooms are not in SVD use, they are available for paying-guest accommodation. The chapel of Soverdia has a special appeal. For it has the right atmosphere and ambience for quiet prayer.


Right now, Soverdia houses three offices: the office of the Superior Delegate, office of the All India Soverdia Sangam Trust, and office of the Benefactor’s Department. The SVDs involved in Sarva Seva Sangh (S.S.S) Andheri are also presently residing at Soverdia House.  Thus, presently there are nine resident SVD members two of whom are kidney patients on dialysis regularly.


Staff at Soverdia House, Andheri
Scaria Pannackal (Superior)
Abraham Olickal
Angelus Ekka
Berly Pallan
Caetano D'Costa
Donald D' Souza
Edward D'Mello
George Kannanayil
George Muthanatt
John Karimbadakuzhiyil
Joseph Madathany
Mathew Kanjirathunkal
Raja Ratna Reddy
Sebastian Pottanani
Sylvester Rego
Thomas Thudippara

Soverdia House,
Mahakali caves road,
Andheri East,
Mumbai - 400093
Tel: (022) 2825 2719
Tel : (022) 2825 2719.