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Institute of Indian Culture, Andheri

With the background of anthropological research, the missionaries, were set to study the culture, language and customs of the various groups and sociological settings in the times they lived, in order to enable them to have an understanding of the people, who, without disturbing their cultural systems, ought to humanize their local customs. The establishment  of the Anthropos Institute in India as early as 1950 the institute has steadily provided scientific literature in this field for the Church in India in perspective of evangelical work.


The institute was first located at the SVD House in Bandra, Mumbai. In 1954, it was shifted to Catholic Ashram Palda, Indore and in 1956 shifted to the Theological College of the Archdiocese at the foot of Mount Mary’s Shrine in Bandra and later developed in 1976 in its own building and full fledged library at Andheri, Mumbai.The Institute has been involved in extensive anthropological research in the areas of Indian culture, religion and philosophy with a special emphasis on Tribals and Dalits. From the very beginning, the Institute has been collaborating with lay people in its research programmes.


The past and the present Faculty members of the Institute have published more than sixty books and about six hundred articles The Library of the IIC contains a comprehensive collection of books in the areas of culture, society and religion, with a special reference to India. It also has about 200 Indian and foreign journals. About sixty thousand volumes have been slowly and painstakingly accumulated over the years. Many rare and specialized ancient books that may not be found in other libraries are found here. In 1997 the Institute was recognized by the University of Mumbai as a postgraduate Research Centre in Anthropology and sociology. It offers courses of M.A. (by research) and Ph.D. in the above disciplines.


Staff of The Institute of Indian Culture (IIC)
S. Maria Michael (Superior & Director)
John Singarayar
Charles Vas
Joseph Mundananikkal
Jossie Fernandes
Swaminathan S
Michael Pereira

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