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Vachana Jyothi, Pilathara

SVD Vachana Jyothi Pilathara from now on will be known as Vachana Jyothi Social Centre (VJSC). VJSC is a registered nongovernmental nonprofit organization based in pilathara, kannur Dt. Kerala. Over the years it has grown remarkably and diversified its activities. A whole range of activities like popularly acclaimed retreats and seminars were some of the activities of the SVD Vachana Jyothi Pilathara in the past. From now on while moving with the times VJSC has started addressing the social issues of alcoholism.  VJSC being a philanthropic NGO working in the northern part of kerala has the first hand experience of the plight, life style, problems, issues, and felt needs of the alcoholics.  So VJSC envisage a new project to provide Treatment and training to alcohol addicts and counseling to the dependence of the alcoholics.


VJSC is located on the National Highway No. 17, at Pilathara, nearly 40 kms from Kannur towards Mangalore and five Kms before Payyannur. The centre has one main building and an annex building. The annex building is being used for the rehabilitation and treatment of alcohol addicts. The core team is comprised of Fr. Mathew Nirappel, Fr. Jose PA and Fr. George PC. The new project has been envisaged by VJSC in the following order:


  • Offer high-quality Treatment and care for those addicted to alcohol
  • Help them to re-integrate with their families through long term accompaniment and follow up.
  • Provide assistance in their efforts to be part of the mainstream of the society.
  • Holistic renewal of the family and social relationships.

The core mission of the centre is to provide affordable, non-discriminatory and effective care and support to people who are addicted to alcohol through a well chartered out de-addiction programme.The treatment programme is a residential, multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme, conducted by a team of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, social workers, counselors and nursing staff.


Staff at Vachana Jyothi Social Centre (VJSC)
Antony Puthumana (Superior & Director)
Moncy Xavier Kaippadassery
Joseph Puthuparampil
Michael Vettumanickal 
Mathew Nirappel

Vachana Jyothi Social Centre (VJSC)