Susaimuthu Sahaya John Singarayar



Personal Profile

First Name John Singarayar
Second Name
Date of Birth 03 January 1981
Place and Diocese of Birth Kalladithidal, Diocese of Siva Gangai





Vocation Profile

Date/ Year/Place of Joining SVD 12th June, 2002, St. Charles Seminary, Trichy, Tamil Nadu.
Date/ Year of First Vows 10th June, 2005
Date/ Year of Final Vows 02nd January, 2011
Date/ Year of Ordination 05th May, 2012




Ministry Profile

Ministry & Place From To
01 Assistant Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Andheri 2012 2014
02 Procurator and Assistant In-Charge, Sarva Vikas Deep, Mangaon 2014 2015
03 Studies – MA Anthropology, Pune 2015 2017
04 Treasurer, Ishvani Kendra, Pune 2017 2019
05 Doctoral studies/Residence, IIC, Andheri 2019

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