Thekkedathu Paul Anil



Personal Profile

First Name, Anil, Thekkedathu
Surname Paul
Date of Birth 11 January 1975
Place and Diocese of Birth Thazhuuvamkunnu, Diocese of Kothamangalam





Vocation Profile

Date/ Year of Joining SVD 1990
Date/ Year of First Vows 1997
Date/ Year of Final Vows 2001
Date/ Year of Ordination 11th May 2002



Ministry Profile

Ministry & Place From To
Transfer from IBP to INM 2011
02 Assistant Parish Priest, St. Theresa’s Church, Bandra West 2012 2014
03 Studies, MA, PGDMDC, SVD house, Bandra West 2014 2016
04 Treasurer, Sarva Seva Sangh, and Assistant HOD, Media Centre, Andheri East 2016
05 Treasurer, Gyan Ashram, Andheri East, including No. 04 2017
06 Communication Coordinator, INM 2017
07 HOD, Dance and Music Academy, Gyan Ashram 2020

Other Members